Petr Cech (1)



Well in that case I 10000% percent agree :joy::joy:


Apart from almost kicking it in his own goal, I don’t think he’s done much wrong in these first 180 minutes.


What controversial moves did he make? Bench Ramsey? Or play 19-year old Guendouzi? He is pretty much playing like expected.


Agree. Should have saved Sterlings shot though.


He’s been solid this season bar his distribution.


I stand corrected on my post made immediately prior to this one :laughing:


Why are we persisting with trying to get him to play it out of the back? It’s been suicidal but for poor finishing on the oppos part. Will get punished for it soon enough.



We are only 4 games into the season. Obviously we have had some laughable moments in front of goal, but just because there are some growing pains it doesn’t mean Emery has to stop with implementing his system. If Leno is more convincing in the Europa League games he might get benched eventually anyway.


I don’t think @Persona is questioning the system but he’s clearly questioning the personnel being used to implement this system


I get that. But Emery probably has a certain starting eleven in his mind. Four games in seems like a little early to change that.


Don't let a couple of mistakes fool you, Arsenal goalkeeper Cech is adapting well to Emery's demands. (By @petermstaunton)

- No GK has completed more passes this season than Cech’s 100.
- Most touches of any PL keeper at 189.
- Fourth best passing acc.

— Chris Wheatley (@ChrisWheatley_) 10 september 2018

Thing is when he makes a mistake it always leads to a huge chance for the opposition, if not a goal. Which could least to lost points. Those few mistake can have a major impact. It’s maybe unfair to goalkeeper, but they do have a higher standard for making mistakes.


Yes but the thing with a keeper being able to pass around instead of kicking away every time can influence increased possession which influences increased attacking play which reduces defensive threat etc etc.
Only problem is It can’t really be measured.


It’s only early on this season but we need to start using Leno, Cech has been past it since his debut game for us against West Ham


No, he has been good. He just can0t play with his feet.


We finally have a keeper worth some points during the season.


15/16 Cech has returned. He was brilliant today





Just saw his save from the free kick where he glides the ball away. Quality