Petr Cech (1)


Leno will replace Cech if he wobbles too much. I’m guessing Emery doesn’t want to change things too much from the off. He wants to give the players already here a chance to play his way before making changes. It’s really not that illogical.


I guess the illogical aspect is, why bother giving him the chance to learn Emerys way if he’s off next summer and you’ve signed the keeper you intend to have as first choice from then?


Don’t really see a difference between Leno and Cech tbh so don’t really care who starts. Should have just kept Ospina and spent the Leno money on a winger


This has really fucked me off. What was wrong with Martinez and Macey if Cech was still to be no. 1


This is kept being said, but what if that just wasn’t in Mislintat and Emery’s planning and they wanted to start Ozil and Mkhitaryan as wingers from the first instance?


Yep - eggsactly… especially when we have other glaring needs… Cech/Ospina/Martinez were not going to be the difference between 4th and 5th in all likelihood unless we massively upgraded and it seems we just added to the pile of “meh” gk… I still hope Leno will turn out good, but man this looks tragic.


Yeh I can’t help but feel that we could have made due with a deputy goalkeeper until Jan at the very least and focused on more competition at CB, or perhaps actually looked into buying a natural winger as we have about half of one at the club.

This summer has been very strange for a club looking to go into a new era and if we stagnate once more this season it won’t be difficult to go back to our business from July/August and poke all sorts of holes in it.


This might be the case with the options he currently has. But I still insist that had we bought a decent goalkeeper in – for argument’s sake, say we bought Alisson or Oblak – there is absolutely no way they would be on the bench.


It’s just one game so far too. Who knows what’s behind the thinking. Leno could easily take over well before xmas and end up playing more games this season.


That is definitely true, right now we are speaking hypothetically, or speculatively.



So he knows how to play with his feet :laca:


Top performance, fair play.

He didn’t deserve to lose today.


Our MoTM. Well-done Petr.


Made some crazy saves to keep us in it, he’s still got something in the tank. About the one controversial move Emery has made that hasn’t backfired on him yet.


Our motm. Leno can sit on the bench for a while still


We ‘Cech in’ now lads


Worrying that we concede 3 and everyone is praising our keeper.


Did you watch?

Cech could do nothing about the goals. He made a lot of good saves. You can’t expect him to save every shot!!!


He wasn’t dissing Cech. Was saying our defence is poo.