Petr Cech (1)


Them back fours where great but think both keepers had to many match winning performances to not be considered top class.
One keeper I did think was blessed in that way though was Grobbelar at Liverpool in the past.


Grobbelaar was unique Stroller . He made some incredible saves but as we all knew his motto was
‘The less you save , the more you earn ‘
A good stopper is the start of attack and the last line of defence. All keepers now are under such scrutiny image dear ol’Bob Wilson being beaten at his near post now ! Sky would be running ‘near postgate’ tyoe of investigation .
Big Pat Jennings was the one for me .


Yeah loved Big Pat but always thought spuds got his very best years. Probably the most appreciated and liked keeper in the country at the time.


Oh yes Stroller
He left Spurs to join us because they wouldn’t offer him enough money or give him a pay rise Pat deserved . He said the only way he could hurt Spurs was to join The Arsenal.
I watched him against Spurs , it was. Boxing Day and we won 2-4 Nicholas and Mariner got a brace ( woodcock possibly) but I was in awe of Pat , he was magnificent. I’ll never forget him taking a corner with one hand and him nonchalantly catching a fierce shot .
Pat will always be the best for purely because he was


Think it’s like buying a hummer then expecting it to lap under 5 mins at the nurburgring.

It’s not what Cech is built to do, that playing out and passing from the back against a team that presses like City.

Leno could maybe do it better but it wasn’t right to persist with that kind of tactic


Luckily Cech is young and raw. He will be a passing meistro in no time.



That was almost one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on a football pitch :joy:


Cech’s response to their tweets


In case anyone, like me, didn’t have a clue what he was on about


Leverkusen try to be funny for retweets and likes.

Pipe down lads


Cech should just ignore that. He looks very uncomfortable with the ball at his feet. Good news is that you can definitely improve that with repetition and practice. Broader question is how good is Leno with the ball at his feet and shouldn’t Leno be getting game time in prem during rebuilding mode?

Cech has a year or so left (insert joke that was three years ago). Need to be playing Leno moving forward.


I don’t really want to see official club accounts tweeting unprovoked blatant disrespect like that about other clubs or players, it’s just unseemly.

Also, you’re bantering off Arsenal Terje ffs, have some self respect lol


It’s also fucking rich given the amount of mistakes Leno has made for them!

This one springs to mind. It was a while ago, but still.




Vizekusen respond. ‘big club’…lol the druggies talking like they’ve ever been relevant.


They might as well have put big club in " " :joy:



Petr destroying that prick registability :syringe: