Petr Cech (1)


Oh yeah he had a bunch of bad passes out of the back i forgot about that.


The almost own goal was a yikes moment as well.

If Emery wants Arsenal to play it out of the back more, that would be a good reason to see what Leno can do. Cech looks shaky playing the ball with his feet.


He made some good saves tho. Maybe Leno would be better with the ball at his feet but I don’t think anyone coulda done better at stopping shots today. He had a nice double save too.


Apart from the Augero one on one, the saves weren’t anything that I wouldn’t expect a mid table or better keeper to stop.

Arsenal don’t have the budget to spend 20 mil plus on a backup keeper.


He did make a lot of decent saves tbf to him. Still on a shakey nail tho imo


Yeah Petr Cech trying to become a modern goalkeeper and play it out from the back at the age of 36 is pretty LOL. It’s just not going to happen.


Typical Cech performance. Some great saves combined with ‘Im too old to dive’.


I respect what he’s done in the game but kinda want shot of him now before his decline becomes more marked. This rebuilding phase is the time to introduce a new goalkeeper for the longer term


Yeah tbh the problem was the tactics having him try to be Neuer all of a sudden after 36 years.

Just let him punt it up field ffs.


@JaITKeyboy 18.45
Emery will start Cech v Chelsea but sources suggest that it will be his last chance to stake a claim for no1 shirt


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Look man, I understand the general scepticism that surrounds ITKs, but this guy has only tweeted twice before and in both he confirmed Cech was starting today. You have to remember that a lot of fools on social media and Internet forums thought Leno would start.

In that context, we should give this guy credence until he gets something wrong. So far he’s been spot on.


^ Every time I watch Cech try to play it out from the back I assume he’s thinking this


Leno needs to come in immediately. What’s the plan if he doesn’t play until the EL and then is fucking awful and you couldn’t possibly take a chance on him in the PL and Cechs mediocrity just continues. Could be totally fucked. He needs to come and play now and grow into the team along with the rest of the new signings.


Can think of a few who might have at least thrown an arm at the first goal. Theres big mistakes coming if he continues.


Disappointed with Cech at times . Great keeper but is way beyond his best . A good keeper is worth his wages . It’s time we started with a new keeper .
It’s time infact for a major overhaul.


In modern game, passing and technical ability is just important as reflexes and handling.
Maybe not so much for teams that are ok with kicking it out and parking the bus, but for us under emery i think it’s so important for gk to be composed and make good decision.

Sadly cech does not posses those qualities and he will keep making mistakes and maybe cost us goals.
Leno should be number 1 as soon as possible.


Looking back Stroller , I don’t know about you but Seaman was very questionable at times . The save against Sheffield United sticks in the mind but the four in front of him gave him little to do , the same could be said of Cech at Chelsea, Terry and co were his Adams and co .


He is still capable of some great saves, but he is past it overall. Just a back up.