Petr Cech (1)


THAT transfer window really fuckd us up. Signing Chech for 10m was the only fåking business we did that summer and we paid for it big time losing the title to Leicester.





We need a backup gk. Not really bothered if thats him or Ospina tbh. Looks like Ospina is off then


Then who do we have when Cech fucks off, Macey? I just cant see us keeping Martinez if he was nay good he would have been our keeper by now.


That’s next year problem :wink:


Get the fuck out




Dont mind the helmet if its Euro league and Carling cup only for him. His fam seems settled in London now so its understandable that he wont move atm.


He was obviously never going to Italy. The only reason he joined was because he didn’t want to move.


Probably a fake quote


Hope the Chelsea rumours are true


Lol @ Karius being last.

Good for him.


zero errors because the ball was already in the net before the fuck ups occured.


I’d love to see Martinez given a go.


Chelsea rumours?


rumoured he might be on his way back in light of the Courtois sale


Hmm…I’d quite like to see the context there.

What? Why?


Why not? He’s no worse than the other keepers we have.


He simply hasn’t played enough games at the right level to make that kind if determination.