Petr Cech (1)


So Martinez? :grimacing:


I don’t think Cech is going to Napoli, but if he has the opportunity to leave we shouldn’t keep him as #2 goalkeeper.


Can’t have your #2 on £100k p/w. Should be actively looking for deals to sell


Knew it.


I was saying the same thing. Player numbers mean nothing to Arsenal. All those people freaking out about getting number 1 :joy:


Ha, at Arsenal you can.

Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.


Oh Napoli I appreciate all your work this summer for us. One more thing, just make sure Sarri doesn’t go Chelsea and it will be perfect.


Goodbye Grandpa! Your reflexes won’t be missed


Surely he didn’t get a five year deal when he signed in 2015 and should be out of contract in 2019? Hence we don’t need to loan himout and it wouldn’t bother me to keep him on the bench for a season.


3 years ago today


Always disappointed in this transfer and never understood the hype. He was so clearly on the slide it was unreal.


My fb status on that day.

It hasn’t quite gone as I’d hoped


I remember John terry saying that Cech is the kind of GK that wins you 12 points per season, quality banter.


Maybe he was drunk and meant he will lose us 12 points or more a season :santi:


People always laugh at that Terry quote but Cech was class for us in 15/16.


Yeah he had a pretty good season that season, apart from west Ham at home on the opening day.


Can’t stand his face or voice anymore, it’s a constant reminder of how Wenger botched the Woj decision.

Cech would have been a great stop gap. He’s finished, a waste of money and space.

Don’t let me down Leno


I am sorry but Woj is a fucking poor goalkeeper. He makes some decent saves but his concentration is dire and he makes the same fucking stupid mistakes over and over and even with decent coaching he still does the same bloody things. He is strong headed and arrogant and hence why he doesnt learn…Juve bought him and he still is struggle to get the no 1. spot.


In terms of actual goalkeeping ability Woj was fine. It was the mental aspect of his goalkeeping, which was tied to his immaturity, which let him down. His time in Italy has humbled and focused him

He was ready to come back last season for sure and would have done a better job than Cech.

Any young keeper would have a hard time starting ahead of Buffon still playing at a good level. If a club like Juve and Allegri think he’s worthy of the #1 spot, it’s clear he’s a talented keeper


I thought he would have won us the league when he joined lol! He was a winner at time.