Petr Cech (1)


What is Almunia doing these days? Safer option than Petr Bantz.


really disappointing that he’s been given the number 1 shirt, needed to be sold and it doesn’t look as if we will


He had to retire due to heart complications, you heartless cunt.


He just asked where he was?! :joy:


The man had heart issues, he could have died. Have some respect :roll_eyes:


Hahaha I don’t think LB was aware of that. I wasn’t either for that matter!


Watching him in goal for us gave me a heart issue.


I thought he was still at Watford as a number 3 or something


To be honest, there were times where I wished far worse for him.


Calm your tits, i had no idea about his health issues.


Haha mate…I was only joking, but looking at the reactions, it didn’t come out that way.


just the way you wrote it really



Feel bad for Napoli tbh, proper dicked them hard this window.

But I guess we’ve been on the receiving end many times.


We haven’t loaned them Cech just yet.


It would be very Arsenal like to give him the number 1 shirt, and then loan him out :slight_smile:


Lol! We still need him as back up.


To do what?


Would you keep Ospina as backup?


I’m not sure why not. I think Ospina is gone (too).