Petr Cech (1)


We have Per for that


Yeah long term. I’m more talking about Cech as a back up keeper, unless Per is going to be that guy? :grin:

Besides, there isn’t a law about having too many inspirational figures around camp. Basically, I don’t think we need to sack off Cech completely yet as he still has something to offer.


Think Cech actually gives a toss about Arsenal next GK progression at his expense?

One of the biggest myths in football is that older players ‘mentor’ younger players in anything above trivial matters. Older players especially got too much on their plate trying to maintain their own performance levels whilst battling against physical decline and mental fatigue. They’re not going to dedicate time to coaching their replacement lol. This is top level sport, players look out for the one.

I really don’t care if Cech is a good person. Should be rid of immediately. He should seek his coaching badges if he wants to mentor young GKs, be a role model etc.

This is a top level football club not a home for the old and lame. Need to implement a fiercely competitive environment within the squad. We can start that process by stop making personnel decisions based on sentiment.


No, but I think he cares about earning a living in London. He’ll stay in such a scenario imo.


Where is the sense in paying a number two GK £100k p/w?

If he’s willing to take a signicant pay cut and be happy as back up. I don’t mind keeping him around


I agree.
There has been far too much money wasted at the club in recent seasons on permanently injured players or players that rarely play.
Cech, Rosicky, Mertesacker, Diaby, Walcott, and others have all earned massive wages and contributed very little in return, and should have been moved on far earlier.

We need a GK with experience but who is still a lot younger than Cech.
Ospina is fine as cover or, like you say, if Cech wants to take a significant pay cut to sit on the bench, that’s fine as well.


There isn’t. But we’re paying him whatever his contract is whether he plays, sits on the bench or becomes club chef.




So he will be here for at least another year then.


I hate this football club


Clearest sign yet we’re signing a new keeper.


Our captain never plays, our first choice keeper doesn’t wear no.1.

Oblak wears 13 anyways.


If this clown starts for us next season we are doomed.


Is he staying as first choice? :cech:


My hopes of new keeper are dashed then


Wait, who the fuck had the #1 shirt before Cech?



Clear signs Szczesny is not coming back.


Cech should retire really


I’d rather they’d given the number 1 back to Lehmann!