Petr Cech (1)


Ah come on. Not sure you can place all the blame on him for that. His initial save was pretty good.

Mustafi on the other hand…


Should have put it wide.


Ok, now you can have a go at Cech :see_no_evil:


Need to sell in the summer


fucking prick, fuck off you useless twat.


see Shez last night? remember we sold him for £7 m for this guy and the midget


Yeah. Aside from the penalty, he had a fantastic game last night.


He did, din’t he?

Check his walk when he got subbed on, was ELITE.

Guessed right and would have saved the pen if Ronaldo wasn’t a don


Cech’s keeping for the 2nd goal was pretty fucking ordinary, at no fault for the 1st goal though.


Kept it at 2-0 well though…


I’m sure some stat-heads out there will come up with the numbers to prove me wrong but I’ve been seriously underwhelmed by Cech since he signed.

I naively thought he’d be able to bring the same level of keeping to Arsenal and help with defensive organization. The decision to keep him and get rid of Szczęsny is up there with the dumbest roster decisions of the last 5-10 years. We’ll have to replace Cech in the summer and probably spend way more than the 7m we got from Juventus.

I recognize it’s probably not easy playing behind a guy like Mustafi who’s having his own issues at the moment (or is just crap) but I’ve started to think of Cech as a liability rather than an asset. Seems like a nice guy though.


Me too.
But it just shows the depths to which Wenger can take one of Europe’s best GK’s.

He’s obviously lost the edge he used to have, but playing in front of a defence that looks as if it has been coached by the Chuckle Brothers doesn’t help much.


Is it Wenger or is it the GK coach? I can remember hearing rumors years ago about how Gerry Peyton was a lousy coach and we were going to dump him in favor of someone else. I even remember hearing that Cech had brought his own coach or his own trainer or something like that over from Chelsea because our staff was such garbage.

Loyalty is probably one of Wenger’s most admirable traits but keeping a guy like Peyton around doesn’t make a ton of sense.


I think that if you have been the best GK in Europe, you can’t coach that out of someone.
But what you can do is surround him with a badly coached defence and bring down his confidence, which means both Cech and the players in front of him look unorganised, and prone to let in goals almost every game they play, which they have.

We desperately need better defenders, a better and younger GK and a manager that knows how to organise a defence, if we don’t, mid table is where we are heading.


We are 2 points ahead of Burnley and miles away from the other top 5, even with Chelsea having a seriously bad year. Our GD is more than 1.5 worse than the champions PER GAME. That is so insane I can’t even contemplate.

Sorry, realized I was in the Cech thread again… lol… agree we need a new young keeper for next gen Arsenal - and new defenders and a manager that can coach the defense.


How dare you blame Wenger for the monstrosity that has been Czech at Arsenal.

So many of his errors are beyond basic, and so many of the goals he concedes are so soft.

He’s been on the decline long before we even signed him. I always knew this would be a nothing transfer it just ended up being worse than I anticipated.


Well Wenger hasn’t signed a keeper for years apart from Ospina and Cech and neither have been much use. I don’t feel like we’ve moved on a great deal (if at all) from Szczesny and Fabianski.

Last summer was the time to act when it was clear neither would be good enough for what we want but once again we went into the season not too bothered about fixing the situation so the manager should get a chunk of that blame.


He is really awful, lol, looks like he’s moving in slow motion…it’s like De Gea made a deal with the devil to get his superhuman reflexes by depriving Cech of any of his.


Just one of many that has to go


I wouldn’t mind keeping him around to be honest, but only if we bring in a decent young keeper and phase Cech out.

On the pitch, his stock has clearly waned, but I think he’d make a great mentor. Look at the way he was with Ryan Mason, visiting him, giving him hope etc. As a person I like him, he’s always been a classy human being and i’m sure many of the youngsters would see him as some kind of role model.