Petr Cech (1)


I know we are utter garbage but surely those stats can’t be 100 % legit ?


Click the tweet, they’ve deleted it. So I guess they are. I didn’t bat an eye when I read it. :grimacing:


I’ve seen someone post bull shit like that about Cech before and they proved to be wrong. It’s not even remotely true. There are plenty of bad things about the club that are legit to complain about, I can’t understand the need to make up something so farfetched.


Yeah that same stat or very similar did the rounds awhile back. If you stop and think for just a second it’s complete and utterly bollocks


:smile: it’s almost like he wants to top that errors assist list. :facepalm:

Here’s hoping we take one of Cruyff’s quotes into account when we sign a new keeper.


There’s an Ajax keeper I signed to replace him on FM18 that has insane ratings. Think he’s from Cameroon or Senegal?

What’s he like in real life? @Titou14 @Burgundy ?


No idea, but all I can think every time I see his name is “Onana, what’s my name” :smile:


The great thing about having Cech is that he saves us fifteen points every season which is just as well, because if he wasn’t here this season we would be just above the relegation places.



I’m pretty sure he won’t get it for Arsenal and he has 8 chances still :smile:


That 200th clean sheet has cursed him :wenger2:


Looks absolutely awful


Shocking from him and Mustafi for the second goal. Gotta be shipped out this summer, fucking useless.


One of the worst signings we ever made. Typical of late era Wenger


Yeah he’s definitely up there with the worst signings in the Wenger era.


The transfer window that Wenger decided only to buy Cech will define his downfall.
He only has himself to blame.


I think Chelsea killed Cech and sold us his secret twin instead


The goals; he should have done better


If only the defenders thought the same.


He always tweets when he makes mistakes fair play to Petr