Petr Cech (1)


A bizarre mixture of excellent close-quarters reaction goalkeeping and an increasingly error prone buffoon who is morphing into Mignolet while thinking he’s Ederson


No, he should have at least jumped.


Did make some great saves, but I’m resigned to the fact we need to move on. Timo Horn this summer is exciting.


Jan Oblak all the way. He is fantastic.

Isn’t Timo Horn in danger of being relegated? I know Arsene loves a bargain, not sure about the new DoF though.


Oblak will cost upwards of 100m, we can’t afford him. Horn has a 5m release clause if they get relegated, Sven is very aware of it too. Runors are already circulating.



Still in awe that we let Szczesny go for this…


I dont think Szczesny would be the player he is now if he stayed with us anyway. For the simple reason anything defensive wenger turns to fucking shit. It is no coincidence all our GKs have been dire recently the coaching i reckon is beyond fucking deplorable…look at the coach for our GKs the only thing he could catch is probably his dinner!


Depending on what he was having for dinner that might actually be quite impressive.


Unless he is having tomato soup :grinning:


Czech messing about with the ball at his feet instead off just kicking up field yesterday remindeded me Almunia I eithen got that same panicky feeling I got every time almunia got the ball


Save off Eriksen was a peach. It’s really stupid that this carelessness on the ball has crept into his game.



Been a really poor signing when you measure it against the expectation.

Although he’s been almost every inch as error prone as I anticipated.




A lot of goals conceded maybe, but those 12-15 points a season sure are useful


Na mate, fuck was this?


Absolute insanity.

You would’ve thought he’s chucking them in his own goal.


The sad reality is that his presence has definitely saved us points. Not that many but 5-8 a season easily from keeping us in games etc.