Petr Cech (1)


He is off injured so maybe not :slight_smile:


Good that he is off injured. Need a rest.



The year is 2178 and Petr Cech is still searching for his 200th clean sheet



:rofl: Seriosuly, he is old and our defence will never be good under Wenger. Difficult task for him to keep another clean sheet.


Maybe if he’d been subbed off sooner, Ospina might’ve kept that out, who knows. I’d like to know how much he cares about the 200, presumably he’s well aware of it


The commentators seemed to believe that he was injured before Everton’s goal but wanted to stay on to get the clean sheet. I’m not sure I can believe that.


Given the way he flapped at a cross not long after he came on, I have no faith Ospina would have done any better in regards to keeping that out.


I can. He’d be the first gk in the PL to reach 200 clean sheets and he’s been trying to get it since December :joy: if he got subbed and we won 5-0 he doesn’t get it


It’d be madness if he got it at Wembley v Spurs. (200th clean sheet)


It’s great to see spurs have the two members of the English diving team playing for them.
Could we see Cech save a penalty from Kane, by a dive from one of them, and then maybe get his record of clean sheets against them?




JUST FUCK OFF! He didn’t even try. Just fuck off, you Chelsea agent. You should get fired FFS!


Good save there tbf


I meant the goal.


not much he could have done about it tbh


Total mess at times lol


This summer we really have to get a replacement. It’s not just his laughable penalty save rate, he just isn’t at the top level anymore.


Sadly enough he did pull off some excellent saves but it’s the stupidity that costs us points too often. He barely made an effort in getting the ball round Alli.


Its funny as fuck watching him attempt to play around with the ball at his feet.