Petr Cech (1)


Cech is finished at this club


DIRTY CHELSEA SCUM! GTFO! Another silly mistake!


I’ve edited your post. don’t be fucking silly.


He’s worth 10 points a season don’t you know



oooops… was bad play all around - not a good idea to pass back under pressure in that weather, but that whiff was epic, Cech… awful, awful.


For anyone who hasn’t seen it…


Fucking Chelsea prick.


problem is he was just as adept with doing stupid things with us too, its gotta be our goalkeeper training. I cant see how Cech etc is so bad for us but was great for Chelsea, cant have dropped that much.


He hasnt been the worst keeper at all but certainly far from the best keeper for us.

Hope this is his last season as first choice.


Can you edit GFI’s existence on this forum too?


Cech is still paid by Chelsea. Can’t believe he is so fucking shit!


wow :joy::joy::joy:


i swear we need a new goalkeeping coach, it cannot be all our goalkeepers, mind you our defense doesnt help much either and the stupid things we do.


Should never have signed him and that’s not hindsight talking. He was past it when we got him and three seasons later, he’s even further gone.


Because they had his prime years. While we have him when he’s almost ready to collect his pension!


I was never Woj’s biggest fan but I can’t see how in his three years at Arsenal has has produced a season better than anything Woj did in an Arsenal shirt.


Announce Burki


Czech Almunia


@Burgundy but he’s good for another season right? :campbell: