Petr Cech (1)


He’s not been given the chance to make mistakes any time recently.


Nottingham Forest? Europa League?

Plenty of fuck ups in limited playing time.


Like always easy to blame only the keeper. Both situations that lead up to the goal were consequences of abmysal defending. Our back 3 too high up when trying to win the ball at the halfway line. Instead of Xhaka and Jack dropping back they’re four (4!!!) trying to prevent the cross. Doesn’t help Chambers and Cech being slow.
Second goal Xhaka is jogging back. Jogging! Instead of picking up Ibe. It’s fucking embarrassing!


True but this happens to the top keepers and they come out on top more often than not, the likes of De Gea, Neuer, Terry Stegen et al regularly get exposed and snuff out the danger regardless.

Our woeful defending don’t help of course but we should have a keeper that can deal with it to a higher degree.


Fair play. Sticking to Cech every league game feels pointless in general though. Wouldn’t mind change for the sake of trying out something else as we seem to have no other option.


Give it Ryan Huddart til the end of the season


This is a signing we all wanted but it hasnt really worked out tbh.


Problem is he is the signing we wanted 5 years before we got him, we always get players we wanted 5 years past their sell by date when wenger thinks ‘i think he still has quality’


Yeah it was the signing we wanted. Until we realised it would be our only signing.

That was an appalling summer.


followed by autumn, winter and spring.


Terry Stegen sounds like a Geordie greengrocer. :slight_smile:


Blasted autocorrect haha.


So we are getting Messi and CR7 when they are 40 years old :henry2:


That’s when everything went wrong.
Had Wenger invested in a midfielder & winger in that summer, things would have been so different and different in a really good manner.
What a fuck up that window was!


The bigger mistake was by far the first goal, no?

If you can’t get there, have to stay in your goal. Highly unlikely Callum Wilson controls that pass and finishes.


Needed a striker too. We’ve needed one since it became abundantly obvious Giroud wasn’t good enough.


I insisted on a winger back then for very reason that we were unable to land a striker, on top of right wing being held by Theo. For all his flaws, Giroud performs fine when rest of team does well. Sanchez CF experiment could have been done as well.
We lost Cazorla & everything went for shit. Theo was non entity by January. Midfielder & winger for me were more important than Striker.

We were this close to having a complete well balanced first team backed by competent squad.
But wasted the window with just Cech coming in.


That’s the worst thing I have ever seen.




what a fucking foolish person.