Petr Cech (1)


I mean, my general position is to expect a goal when a penalty is given regardless of teams or keepers involved.

But especially so with Cech in between our sticks lol


He had a pretty damn good game, can’t rely on him to be saving penalties no keeper has an amazing record at doing so, although he does need to save one eventually.


I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t get this. He might as well go all out for it now. If he saves the next one it’ll feel like when Sunderland finally won at home just one day before it would have been a whole year. That bugged me.


Cech has made as much mistakes as our past rejects and he gets less criticism because he has won a lot with Chelsea.


Overall I think he’s been a pretty terrible signing. Our goalkeeping situation hasn’t improved at all, he’s cost us plenty of points and is clearly many years past his best.


Cech, mate… can we talk about those 15 points a season you’re supposed to earn us?


Agent Cech strikers again. Enough of him. Sold him immediately!


Horrible moment


He’s been very average for 2 seasons now, yet I’m tipping he will still be our no 1 next season.


Diving out of the way of a straight shot. He’s a liability and hasn’t been any better than our past 3 keepers including Almunia


He looked terrible again. Time to move on.


Off you fuck then


We definitely need new a new GK this summer. He’s not good enough, simply put.


he has been pretty useless for us since day 1 always mistakes shit at fucking basics cant save a fucking penalty and he was supposed to be the guy that gives a bit of winning mentality he is as weak as the fucking rest of them, just fuck off will you…actually every single player and the manager can fuck the fuck off the fucking fucks :angry:


Just collecting his money right now. Useless.


Still the least of our problems


Definitely need some big time competition/replacement for him, there needs to be a sense that if you fuck up again and again then you can be on the bench.

That just doesn’t exist with Ospina.


Why don’t we start Ospina? He’s got way more motivation than Cech.


Because he’s shit? For all the bad Cech has been, Ospina has been much worse in his time at Arsenal.


Not that he is much better.