Petr Cech (1)


What’s going to happen first?
Wenger leaves or Cech saves a penalty or we win the PL title?


I will go with the middle option, option number 3 can’t happen before number 1 happens.


Was excellent again last night.

Couple of crucial stops at 1-0.



That was almost a comical own goal, tbh :mustafi:


I think Cech’s actually having a good season so far. Has saved our bacon a few times and tends to be strong in One on One events.


He is good. The odd fuck ups he has do not come at any significantly higher rate than they do for say Curtois or any other top gk. I remember that short spell of some 5 or so games a while back he looked a tad shaky but he isn’t bad at all.

For me it has also taken a surprisingly long time to shake off the insecurity that came with watching an Arsenal gk between Lehmann and now. Years of being emotionally abused by Almunia and the likes does not easily go away, but Cech really is good. Not perfect, but good enough to win the CL and PL with if the rest of the team behaves.


Agent Cech strikes again.



Cech should have punched that rat in the face. SHOW US RESPECT!


When a decision riles up someone like Cech, you know it was a shit decision.


Another pen right down the middle :roll_eyes:

For the next one, he really should just stand still




should look for a better goalkeeper too…i reckon the whole team pretty much needs replacing.


Not much he could have done on the second goal. It’s a shame that he can’t save penalties at all as he had a very good game otherwise. Could have been a lot more goals if it wasn’t for both goalies doing so well.


One away from the record now, g’wan Petr

I reckon he’ll save pen #16 once he has secured the record, so let’s hope #15 isn’t in a cup final :speak_no_evil:


Literally just assumed 1-1 once pen was given :smiley:


Every single time we get a penalty given against us! :joy:


Same I haven’t hoped for a saved penalty for ages


i reckon the only time he is gonna ‘save’ one is not because of himself they will just miss and it will bounce off the bar or post and he catches the rebound.