Petr Cech (1)



Well then get Cannavaro & Nesta as well.


Maldini and Baresi and we are all set.


Looks like Almunia


Cech should have done better there


At fault again. How many goals is he gonna cost us?


How long before realises this rent boy in goal is finished ? 3 more years or 4 ?




Cech really should have saved it. He would have a few years ago but we have more problems than a GK. He’ll do for now




He’s worn one for like a decade and still gets crap for it. :expressionless:


In the follow up tweets that guy keeps saying he’s an Arsenal fan and that he didn’t mean to imply that Cech isn’t courageous or shouldn’t be wearing one. Just that the other keeper he is talking about is super brave for playing 5 days after sustaining said injury.

I think he intentionally worded it so it could be construed as an insult to get a bit of a boost to his profile. Which will have worked cos I’ve never heard of the cunt before


Don’t know about being brave. An idiot would be a better word.



In other words, whilst i am here (which i feel should be another decade or so) dont be expecting another goalkeeper it doesnt matter how bad he get for me he is fine.


He wants to stay until he saves a penalty



No, please no. Good goalie, but not what he used to be.


He’s been pretty great this season tbf.


Was our best player against Burnley. Just wish he dared challenge for those high balls more often.