Petr Cech (1)


At fault again :xhaka:


We have to deal with this while Wojiech Szczesny is set to become a quality keeper replacing Buffon for Juve because of more incompetence.


I think this is the conundrum of whoever we get turns terrible when they come here. There is something so badly off at this club. Ozil comes 1st season is a record-setting season apart from dickheads couldn’t hit a barn door…next season and after see glimpses of brilliance but not the same player. We are TERRIBLE with goalkeepers it has to be the training, when you have a big fat lump like Peyton training you gotta wonder what is going on. The guy couldn’t make a save to save his life he has no agility whatsoever…there has to be a reason why all our gks are shit, even Sneezy has said that they just don’t train well enough here and he learned so much more in his loan deals than he ever did at our club, I am sure this is for all types of players our training regime is fucking terrible.


Seriously I think we need to start looking at Pope and Pickford.


Should’ve kept Szczesny over this old man, became a class GK on loan and is more comfortable on the ball


Seems people are (surprisingly) quick to forget how Woj wasn’t a class keeper. Not here, nor during his loan spells. He still has good potential but that was wasted here as he stagnated in his development.


Pickford is out of reach now surely?

I’d take Butland in a heartbeat.


If Everton get relegated or spend most of the season in a relegation battle I can see Pickford wanting to move. And we should at this point be able to pay the necessary amount for a top keeper.


A goalkeeper who looks to be spending 2 seasons in a row in relegation battles with 2 different clubs? Hmmm.

I know it doesn’t help when you have Beavis and Butt-Head in front of you, but i’m still starting to think he isn’t as good as I first thought. Yes he makes a lot of saves - but that happens when you play for a shit club as you face more shots - but he has also made a lot of errors. He’s only young though, so he has time to improve - we can wait until that point to buy him :grin:


This might belong in the “unpopular thread” but I would take Fraser Forster over both Pickford and Butland.


Hopefully our scouting team have identified better GKs than the likes of Pickford and Foster.

There’s a whole world out there. Must be better and cheaper obscure prospects out there


i know it is the DM but still…would this guy be a good coup?


Ugh…Butland is crap


Forster might have the slowest feet of any goalkeeper in the league right now, If I didn’t know better I’d think he was 39 not 29.


Although it’s true that Cech is older, he was at a club, playing behind one of the best organised defences in Europe, and he came here and is playing behind a defence where organising a defence seems to be an occupational hazard.

So it’s hardly surprising he is making mistakes more than when he was at Chelsea.

After Mourinho left them, it was noticeable that Coutois form dipped a bit because they weren’t playing so defensively and he was facing more shots from the opposition.

It’s a bit like Mignolet at Liverpool.
He might not be a great GK but is made to look worse because the defence in front of him seem inept at their job.

I think Wenger should look to be replacing Cech but with Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla all needing replacing as well as needing a winger and CB, I would think a top quality GK is well down the list of his priorities.


No he isn’t.

He was Pickford before Pickford was Pickford, was playing very well before that injury and Stoke are dog shite at the moment with momentous issues at the back recently.


Get Buffon for a season.


Id hate for Buffon to tarnish his legacy by playing behind our chumpish defenders.


Yup. We’ve already messed with one legend GK’s rep. :expressionless:


Mart Poom?