Petr Cech (1)


Surprised we haven’t had more comments about our keeper. Is it because of his past laurels at Chelsea? Wasn’t impressed ever since he came here.


Woj would easily be our no 1 if we hadn’t sold him :flushed:




Another one who definitely needs replacing in the summer.


His arrogance got the better of him and some of his silly mistakes didn’t help.


Would have been making the same mistakes though because we have a geriatric gk trainer. The reason why he has gotten better is because of his loans and the people he has worked with, but still has moments of sheer stupidity.


Cech gonna Cech


Sign Pickford when Everton relegate


Remember when we signed him and there were discussions of us keeping him until he’s 40?

Gee, I hope not. :gabriel:


Still the best keeper at the club but that’s not really saying much. I really thought Ospina was off so we’d have to take a chance on somebody last summer since a Szczesny revival obviously wasn’t happening.

I both can and can’t believe we just stuck with what we had.


If Ospina was gone that guy from Bordeaux (who is now at Galatasaray btw) would probably have his replacement. So no thanks.

Bit it’s evident a good young goalkeeper can do well. There isn’t a big club who haven’t invested in a goalkeeper the past ~5 years.


Under any other manager than Wenger he would have been binned ages ago. Time to get rid


We’ve got him still because the market for keepers is terrible. Everton paid 30mil for overrated Pickford ffs.


Yet we let Szcz go for less than 15


Maybe they marginally overpaid but Pickford isn’t overrated and he’s at a great age.

Pickford not only passes the eye test imo but he’s rated as a very good goalkeeper by all of the goalkeeping models/experts that are made public. Far better than Joe Hart who has been a mess for 2-3 years now and is still playing at PL/INT level because of his reputation alone and nothing else.


Disastrous sale given he’s mid 20s and would clearly be our no 1.


Taking into consideration that a keeper goes for 10 years at a ‘normal’ age…but that’s buying English too.

Ter Stegen and Oblak went for €12-16 million a couple of years ago.


anyoone thinks macey could be his replacement…big lad he looked quite good yesterday.


I think Wenger likes big goalkeepers (said something like that once), makes the signing of Ospina ever stranger :confused:.


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