Petr Cech (1)


Yeah there was nothing he did that you don’t expect your “top class keeper” to do. If he conceded any of the shots that went at him today we’d be calling them soft goals or mistakes so that says everything you need to know about his performance.

He did his job basically.


Just because van der Sar (and Lehmann?) did it, doesn’t mean every keeper is going to be good/great until there late 30s.

The fact that goalkeepers are good when they get older is also somewhat invalid imo. Bayern bought Neuer when he was 25, De Gea was great when he was 20 and was bought by Ferguson. Courtois and Oblak are not even 25 yet.


Yeah I made this point not that long ago. People looked at VDS and thought that it was pretty much commonplace that keepers could go on into their late 30s but it really isn’t the case.


If other players can perform at a higher level with more motivation and tactical discipline under a new manager, is there a chance Cech might be more like his old self under a new regime too? I’m more inclined towards “no” but it’s still worth some consideration.

Not sure if losing him as the number one would be a hasty call or not if Wenger does go. We’ve seen bigger turnarounds in form.


I can’t see how it would improve his reflexes, ability to save penalties and distribution skills.


I dont think Ospina’s an upgrade but its clear cech isnt what he used to be .
I was against buying someone for 10 million and giving him a bumper 100k ++ salary for 3 years but its done !
Wengers never been good on goalkeepers and now its becoming critical ,same as it ever was !


cech is not the keeer he was a chelsea

hes reflexs have slowed and he lets in few too many easy shots in for my liking

would like to see us get hart maybe solid english keeper

cech is asolid second keeper


I think even in his last three seasons with Chelsea, he wasn’t at the same level he was when he was the best keeper in the world in the mid 00’s. I don’t think under a new manager things will change too much imo. My personal opinion on it is Cech is just happy to be In London as his family is settled there and a bonus is Arsenal came in for him, not a major step down from Chelsea sure he won’t win titles but he get CL football, might win a cup here or there, play week in and week out, get paid nicely. But I don’t think we ever see the best of Cech cause I don’t think he has it in him anymore, unlike Buffon who gets better with age Cech seems to be the rare case of getting older doesn’t mean he get better. I think he’s still a solid PL keeper and will do a job but I think we can get better, Cech will be a good back up but I doubt he want that.

It was a good move for the club to make but sadly I don’t think we got the World Class keeper we needed.


With the criticism he is getting i find it hard to believe he made so many peoples Emirates team and in turn the all time Emirates 11(On the strength of one and a bit average seasons). Shows how shit our post Lehmann keepers were/are…


By far the best keeper of the Emirates era.

Just not in an Arsenal shirt :grin:


hes a top class keeper

he was one of the worlds best a chelsea however he is on a decline due to age etc

im sure he was only bought too be number one for a couple of season

i would like to think the master plan is having cech and bring back schenzy ready for next season to be our new number one :slight_smile:

but i doubt it…



Without doing any checking whatsoever I’m calling it that that’s not true.


It is true, though he also played about 15% of his PL playing time for Arsenal.


Ya know what, I’d missed the PL part of the tweet :smile:


These are the numbers apparently…


"We were more aggressive after the break and started winning the 50-50 battles. It’s disappointing when you lose the game, but more disappointing conceding the first two goals because we weren’t in danger.

“With three points we would have been in the chase for the title, but now we’re too far. We need to ensure that we finish as high as possible and in the top four.”

Even if we’d won today, our title chances died ages ago. Who else was it who came out recently saying we were still in the title hunt? :laughing:


He’s way too smart a guy to genuinely believe that crap, but then I suppose player PR training is something he has a decade or more experience in


Don’t think Cech gives a fuck. ^^

He’s won everything at Chelsea. He just wanted to stay in London and play every weekend we just happened to need a goalkeeper at the same time.

So it was lucky for him.

I don’t blame him as if I was a professional footballer I would do the same and plus he was very good last season and decent this season so it 100 percent worked for both parties.