Petr Cech (1)


Wenger really needs to rectify his definition of world class, I think he said we had 4 or 5 world class strikers also.


The last time he said “we have three world class goalkeepers” kicked Szczesny in the ass and bought Cech.


Even before this transfer went through I genuinely believed we could get 3-5 good years from Cech.

Sad reality is that we haven’t even got one, I think that year on the bench at Chelsea was the end of him.


I won’t knock this transfer because I thought it was brilliant at the time, sadly it just hasn’t worked out as well as we would have liked.


In typical Arsenal fashion, let’s jump on the player out of form and over exaggerate. He’s been pretty damn good saving our hides for the past few seasons now. He’s had a bad run, but the criticism is way ott.


For someone that accused someone else of not watching the games I’d love to know exactly where this comes from.


Short term memories i guess.


Did his NAME get him in so many Emirates teams. its seems more and more people are posting, NOT Satisfied/unimpressed posts…How did he get into so many sides on 1 1/2 seasons performances…?? 66 games…


Think Cech has only been at us for 1 and a half years, unless I’m missing something ?


The Bournemouth game this season springs to mind where he made some important saves.

And he’s definitely made some game-saving saves in other games (this and last season), no doubt, but they are starting to be outweighed by the mistakes he’s made imo


Let’s not talk about the elephant in the room that is Wenger.


I got a feeling he won’t play today.


I dunno, I think he might play - but only because our next 2 games are games that Ospina will definitely start. Unless AW wants to give Ospina a warm up for Bayern I suppose.


Just a feeling :wink:


He made a few decent stops today, worth mentioning. He hasn’t suddenly turned into one of Liverpool’s goalkeepers overnight.


He did indeed. Credit where its due, some great saves and kept a deserved clean sheet.


Good game today Petr!

Some nice saves


Yeah he made some nice saves today but ones you’d expect your keeper to make still.


Maybe but their was one that was a brilliant save tbf. Header from someone. Niase?


Ok performance. Nothing special.