Petr Cech (1)


What did he do!?


@cristo Out his goal and fucks his pass to Fabregas who chips it in an empty net to make it 3-0

If this was 2011 we would be buzzing. Sadly it’s 2017



Oh wow.

Basically an own goal. Who scored for us?


Needs dropping sadly, Ospina needs a run in the side. Cech has been dodgy in a lot of games, today is the first time it’s really stood out.


Have to drop him now. Wenger won’t though.




wenger has no balls,not only will he not drop him but he will be given another contract in a little while something stupid like a 3 year extension and we will sell Sneezy probably on top of it…no fool like an old fool. Some of the things Wenger does boggles the mind and i genuinely think he is either going senile or so bloated with power that he is just a straight up fucking cunt!


I’m over this pretender. Clearly wanted to stay in London and cash a nice pay check every week. Cunt has never looked genuinely competitive for us.


This was knee jerk of me and I regret it.



His reaction time has slowed, can’t save a penalty & is absolutely woeful with his feet. Not sure if we should have him as our no 1 next season.


I’m not sure about him being number 1 next weekend never mind next season!


This season is just dead as far as I’m concerned so yeah not really fussed who keeps.


With wenger though you can be guaranfuckingteed he will be though…and will have a contract extension, he always holds onto players that are past their best for far too long!


Yeah we should be open to a proper signing in this position. Keepers do go on to their late 30s but not at the top. Seaman and Lehmann were moved on when they were still competitive but not top 2/3 quality anymore and Cech is maybe getting here.

I’d hoped we’d get at least 2 years out of him but it was only 1. Worth a punt and I’m still glad we took a chance. It hardly bankrupted us.

And that third goal wasn’t exactly a player in huge decline, it was just fucking stupid.


He hasn’t been anywhere near his best even during his last two seasons with Chelsea. He 's definitely been at fault for a good few goals we’ve conceded . I definitely think it’s time for Ospina to be given a shot at number 1. Wenger sadly will stick with his failures and under performing ones cause he’s a stubborn fool when it comes to it.

Another one if a new ruthless manager comes along, he could see himself number 2 or out of Arsenal. I’m sure a few London clubs would take him.


Knew when we signed him he was past his very best. My main hope was hed be a bigger influence on our defence but hes had very little impact on that.
Keepers can decline quickly. Seen it happen with Jennings and Seaman to a lesser degree before.
Bottom line is he will be remembered as a Chelsea legend who played for Arsenal for a couple of seasons.


My exact words when he gave the ball to Cesc " Fuck off back to Chelsea you Chav cunt "


He’s only with us cause he wants his family settled in London, he’s not here cause he wants to win stuff. He did that at Chelsea. He’s won everything. He just happy to play 90 minutes every week, no desire to win anymore.