PES 20

Installed it as well, very good patch. Noticed the Bundesliga didn’t import well however, some Russian clubs in there. Wonder how that happened.

Theres a instruction file in that OF stating to delete your edit data then apply the option file. Didnt like the idea but did it their way all all was fine.

Re: Bundesliga, you have to swap out three teams with the ‘Other Euro’ clubs and change competition draw size to 18 as its default 20 - thus adding extra teams

Where was this in the instruction guide?!

I want Riquelme added to the managers list next season :giroud2:

@Midfield_Maestro you were right, V5 was for 2019 :facepalm: :arteta:

Can I get a hookup for V2 pls bro :pray:

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Here ya go man. Don’t forget to save the .RAR password somewhere.


love u m8 :heart:

PESWorld slacking this year man :neutral_face:

They were my go to the last two years

First trophy :xhaka2:


Love it! Gonna have to get this soon. Shame they don’t have their bright yellow training jerseys as the real kit.

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Already a 33% discount on PES lol

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Did it! :grinning:


Looks more like the CL haha

Animations are unreal and the best they’ve been since PES 6.

Unbelievable. Now a bedding in period where I get used to the new way of defending and shooting, which is always tough at first.

Also while not as bad as the demo, the ref is still way too strict. Also the freekicks from the AI are OP as fuck lol.

I win the ball with Torreira, ref gives a FK and Bayern score off the FK.

Unlike you beasts, I’m shite so I play professional.

Thanks for the option file lads, works a treat.

Now for my Master League with Big Dick Diego :giroud2:


Was trying to check if the player loan bug was fixed @Electrifying. Dani Ceballos is still at Arsenal after 4 seasons, unless they bought him I think the bug is still there.

And yes, AI free kicks are a joke. Every player turns into Juninho Pernambucano

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Ah fair lol. I guess I have to buy Saliba and Upa next season :santi:

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I mainly play Divisions in PES, Laca and Pepe pissed me off with their slowness, so my team is now Fiorentina, so far so good.

Ive only conceded a couple of freekicks in 3 and half seasons. Used to be annoying on the old PES’s but not having that trouble on this one.

Got eliminated from my CL group without losing once :sob:

1 - Bayern
2 - Arsenal
3 - Malaga
4 - Club Brugge

Won: 1
Drew: 5
Lost: 0


Group of death for me though, on Superstar as well. On Matchday one I threw away a 2 goal lead against Bayern too, would have made it if I didn’t cock it up, but they were all over me second half, was insane. My squad is behind both those sides in terms of quality so in a way it’s a realistic outcome, need to make some signings!

I’ve signed two 37 year old players (Bandeira Team Role) to help speed up the training for youngsters. Noticed a difference straight away. Player form for big matches a lot better, too.


The losses make the wins sweeter. Would hate winning all the time tbh!

Superstar is just right at the moment. When the team gets beasty will switch up to legend. And yep team roles have a massive impact. My Everton and Sancho are on the verge of being Bandeira and Legend! (Had them since 1st season)


My team, halfway season four.