Personality of the Year Award 2017


Haggis is better than whatever that is :arteta:

Nah seriously I already said, Indian and Japanese food blow anything else out of the water.

Back me up @Trion


Haggis just looks like a bag of shit :arteta:. Horrible, just horrible. Fuck Scotland!

It’s called “Spaghetti con le vongole”, you rotten haggis. It’s just sublime.


Scotland > Italy


Yeah, for sure :xhaka:. We have girls, food, sun, sea, wind and beautiful places to visit. Scotland is just about rain lol!




We can arrange for a draft match.

We select 10 Indian cuisines & GFI selects 10 of Italian cuisines.

Rest of the forum can go out, eat & judge.


You do play a simjple card here. We were talking about it :wink:


Andalusian cuisine is the most basic/uninteresting of Spanish cuisine though. If you want top Spanish cuisine go to Madrid (just because it’s the capital and all cuisines come there), San Sebastián, Barcelona, Mallorca, Asturias, etc.


I did eat wellnin Andalucia. Thanks for the advice though.


Had a genuine haggis for the first time this year. It’s fucking delicious.


Let’s do it. Daal has to be up there. Tandoori meats.

Pilau/Biryani etc. There’s just so much to say for a top 10.

What you think.

I’ll just give a picture for now. For Luca.


Open a thread about it, post 10 pics of italian and indian food, then you go out and try them and say who wins :wink:


I’d def throw Japanese food in there. Their curry, udon, ramen, sushi, yakisoba :drooling_face:


Tell that you do like italian at least. Some bloody racist comments against us on this board.


Show them a picture of Spaghetti Di Frutta Di Mare!!! Best italian dish ever. Yes Italian Cuisine definitely in my top 3 or 5.


@Electrifying, shut up now. Your higgis can go and hide itself in a toilette.


Start a food thread or shut the fuck up.




@shamrockgooner Do you see who voted for who? Just wondering if someone can vote for themself. Asking for a friend :sunglasses:


Haven’t voted yet, but have a price for the right bidde :speak_no_evil: