Per Mertesacker


A legend would have.


Vieira and Henry also left after they realised they couldn’t get here what they wanted.


The difference between Fabregas and * player not called Fabregas * is that Barcelona weren’t bending over backwards for two years trying to sign * player not called Fabregas *

The thing I like about Mertesacker most these days is that he wants to retire and then instantly go into a coaching role at the club. I don’t recall anything like that happening for a while.


I think people seriously forget just how good of a player Fabregas was whilst he was at as.


For all intents and purposes, Vieira seems like he was a bit of a cunt and only gets the legend moniker for the trophies the team won while he was here.

Seems to me he wanted to leave for 3 seasons straight even through cup doubles and the invincibles. Personally that throws his legend status into doubt for me.

In any case, Vieira and Henry basically won everything there was to win except a CL trophy. Fabregas didn’t.

Fabregas doesn’t get legend status because he left when his boyhood club came calling lol


Just because a player is good, doesn’t mean they deserve legendary status.

That means RvP is in the running for legend status.


Cesc was here for seven seasons and played 300 games for Arsenal. It’s not like he left after two good years.


Mertesacker is David O’Leary esque legend if he has to be a legend, while Cesc is Cole-esque one.


In a world where Fabregas threw pizza at Sir Alex Ferguson, who’m I hope fully recovers but pizzagate still is very funny

Anyway it’s a team sport and even a great player can’t win trophies on his own. 1 of those was the heartbeat and soul of the club, 1 of our best ever players, the other was an above average defender and not one of our top 5 ever centre backs.

We should have brought Cesc back and then he’d be even more of a club legend.

Also Cesc leaft to move to his boyhood club because he was one of the best in the world. Mertesacker didn’t leave because no one wanted him not because he’s ‘one of ours’


Was never a fan of Merte as a player and never will be. For someone as big as him he never really dominated many strikers physically. I missed that little nasty streak to him, which would have elevated his game. Great guy though :ozil2::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


59 goals and 84 assists. To compare in Ozil’s first 5 seasons he’s made 71 assists and 37 goals, while in Fabregas’s last 5 seasons he made 86 assists and scored 48 goals. Pires in his 6 years and 278 games has 83 goals and 45 assists. Less games and total output of goals/assists compared to Fabregas. Bergkamp has 120 goals and 116 assists in his 11 years here


Is he gonna be our academy manager, overviewing all the youth teams?


For as much as a cult hero this guy is, and for that superb FA Cup Final performance last year, I honestly never rated him at all. I didn’t particularly think he was that great a defender for us and was surprised that he stayed with us for so long.


I’ll never understand why big should mean dominant. He wouldn’t have been the player he was if he focused on that stuff, he absolutely played to his strengths and that just wasn’t one of them.


whats the use for a 200cm defender if physique and domination isnt one of ur strenghts? Bare in mind mans got no pace, literally 0 pace. I like the guy but he only played so many years at this lovely club cuz Arsene loved him.


Could Mertesacker be Bould’s replacement?


Thought Per was going to help the academy?


He wasn’t signed for his height, pace or physicality though. He was a player with brilliant positioning and very good defensive ability which he displayed time and time again.

He wasn’t not good at them other things for Arsenal, he wasn’t good at them full stop. You have to appreciate the player for what he was, not criticise him for something he wasn’t.


Will never forget his brainfart red card against Chelsea in 15/16. That game basically started the slump to loose the title to Leicester.


Kos and him formed a pretty good combo CB for us.

There were many reason we failed to win the league, and Per was not one of them.