Pep Guardiola


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Fingers crossed this summer.

This guy can’t do anything without a huge financial support. Yet to prove that.


I agree but every PL winner, apart from us and Leicester, were the biggest spending clubs in Europe.

Man City had a plan which was to assemble the biggest and best squad in Europe, then get the most successful manager to coach them and although Guardiola couldn’t achieved what he has without massive spending, he did what he was brought in to do.

This would be fine if it was Real Madrid or Barcelona but Man City were a mid table club and just like Chelsea, bought every title they won by cheating the system.

Like others have said, he might feel that with all the controversy and possible punishment Man City might get, that it’s better to leave after this season because he knows that with any points deductions and transfer bans, he won’t be winning the title with them.

If it doesn’t happen tomorrow, we’ve got another chance left.
Come on Mikel, smoke this very bald man on his way out.

If he signs another contract make sure he’s laying the smackdown on league 2 teams.

Ffs was hoping for some announcement of departure during the celebrations at the Etihad.

Nah I want us to beat him and all of their corruption.

I want that feeling Liverpool fans had of beating City


He’s so brave, so so so brave.

I couldn’t give a rats about beating him personally tbh, I just want arsenal to end a two decade long title drought and if pep leaves those chances increase.


You may not but I do because the other day you couldn’t stop harping on about how it’s not the money but Pep himself who made this City side so brilliant.

If not for people like you, I wouldn’t give a rat ass either.

I don’t see Pep leaving simply because there is no club out there that can afford his managerial style. I am not saying he’s purely a cheque book manager, what I mean is that his style requires players with excellent technical ability, and those don’t normally come cheap.

I see your point about not caring who we beat to win the title but for Arteta, if he has to ever come out of Pep’s shadow, you get the feeling he’s got to beat him in the league. But that shouldn’t matter to us. However, like I said, I don’t see Pep leaving City.

Good. Fuck off forever and give someone else a chance.




he’ll leave as soon as Man City is found guilty for their crimes.

He won’t want it to sully his name (it already has), but if it comes to bear fruit, he’ll be off.

He said last time that if City lied to him about the charges/allegations then he’s leaving.

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He is full of shit


We need to beat him first then he can leave


They can keep their grubby hands off Arteta.