Pep Guardiola

How many times did he win the CL with Messi amd that legendary Barca team?

Guardiola in tears

Twice in four years and two silly CL exits, could be better but no red flags there tbh. The only doubt would be why he didn’t stay for me!

Still, another title and stops a Liverpool quadruple. Very happy!

That legendary team wilted Infront of a DiMatteo(!) Managed Chelsea.

All because of greats like Terry, Drogba, Lampard.

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how many times did your daddy win it…we all wished but he wasn’t good enough eh?

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If Wenger was given the absolute best team in the world every season for the past 10 years or whatever, you’d have a lot of rope to hang him with. Think it’s arguable to say he never had the best team in the world, maybe in 01’ from what I hear. But yeah give him a 2 billion pound squad and a massive advantage over any other club in the world, and he’d deserve all the criticism.

From 01-05 we had a team capable of winning the CL and we didn’t come close even once during that period.

Our team in 02-04 especially was as good as anyone in Europe and probably the best starting 11.

We had the final in 05-06 but our team was already in transition by then.


funny how this is the script for daddy wenger but other managers that you dont wanna give a chance was left with his dross and haven’t ha much in comparison to the likes of city plus having to deal with his crap squad you expect the world from straight away.

It’s even sadder that every post is either about how amazing Wenger would have been and how much of a fraud Arteta is.

No substance lol


BigWeng can’t keep his narrative straight.


Its funny and very sad at the same time.


Is that how it played out? I think i was in here discussing the topic and ppl came in with their anti wenger hatred lmaooo imagine hating ur club so bad u want to attack the best manager the club has ever had. Wut trolls, dayum wish y’all did something about trolling in this forum lmaooooo :joy::joy:

So Pep has 4 prem titles to Klopps 1. There is levels to this game.


The lad is high af off that sweet Hawaii air he keeps breathing in from his getaways.

For what is worth Arteta could go on to win the PL and CL for Arsenal and BigWeng will still be pissy about it.

Remember boys and girls, it has absolutely nothing to do with Arteta. He just can’t stand Wenger left and Arsenal


With Haaland in this team next year what can Liverpool do to feasibly catch City? Hard to see them keep the kevel they’ve had this year truth to be told

Having an unlimited budget and being able to buy any player in the world of ur choosing, what he’s accomplished really is underwhelming.

Cry me a river about money

Stay salty Pep haters


What did Manuel Pelogrino or whatever the South American Wengers name is achieve with the same foundations as pep?

This guys a troll cuz I dont wanna hear what he has to say. Mods please ban him k thanks :+1::+1::clown_face::clown_face: