Pep Guardiola

Lol poor old poverty Klopp only being able to throw 75m at a defender in January :joy:


Lmfao, Pep bout to win another PL while Klopp’s passion got them the Pepsi Cup.

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Someone may have misquoted Pep. There’s no mention of Roma.


“that’s normal”

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so I thought about this for a while now, since the Real game, and he is definitely a bald fraud.

Mentioning Roma was so, so random ffs.
Rent-free in his mind…

Good lord, Pep is out for everyone these days.


Evra was chatting total shit tbf. Even Lineker called Evra out on it.

Evra was unavailable (a bit like the HRT patch he’s named after) for comment.

Considering the massive array of big players who have played, prospered under Pep, Evra was chatting complete shit.

Heck Pep makes players big players.

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Honestly if I ran City I’d be wondering why the team I’ve spent £900m assembling is currently trophyless in a campaign whilst the team that cost roughly half is on course to win 4 trophies

Pep is in the mud right now. He simply cannot change games where he isn’t winning



He doesn’t like high pressure games.
Real Madrid and Aston Villa have ruined his season.

There it is!

Ready to delete my post soon btw. Please Pep I beg you


:goat: :goat: :goat:


Pep be like:


Still a fraud with the most expensive team in the world scraping the PL and getting dumped out of the CL every season.

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Beginning to resent what he represents. Boring robots with no personality. Bleurgh

And we got the poundshop version.

I mean he’s 90+ pointing again so definitely not a fraud but I do think this has been a disappointing season and questions need to be asked about his record in Europe

However just as the united fans wanted city to win so did I. Anything Pep wins is meaningless cuz the financial doping. We all know it, and they dont even have fans lmaoooooo. If Lolpool won that woulda been a real feather in their cap ngl.

He’s no doubt very annoying but the slander he gets is unreal lol. Nothing will beat the Barça team he created and he’ll no doubt create a lasting legacy at City.

The CL is still a big question mark at City but I’d be astonished if he doesn’t win it again

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