Pep Guardiola

Have WADA banned it?

Theyve banned it in Wakanda.

The implication you’re making is that Liverpool are doing something nefarious or almost nefarious. The reality is they are doing something any club could do if they wanted to.

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Lmao, Mou always in his head.

Guardiola replied, “For me this is not a matter of money, and the fans don’t realise it.”

Go manage in MLS then, with a salary cap you coward.


What? They spent more on Grealish than Roma did the entire summer lol

Pep reaching Mou levels of petty

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Lol Roma top buy was Abraham for about €40 million, Grealish about €120 million, one was well worth the money the other a complete waste of money
It’s not what you spend It’s how you spend it dickhead.

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Roma have invested more than €100m last summer, point still stands

Nah they spent under €100m euros. It’s like €96m I believe

It is fair to criticise Mourinho for being 10 points off a poor Juve side.

Transfer market has their spend at £114mil bro

That must be pretty high for a Serie A club.

Roma themselves have said they spent €110 million, that’s in euros not sterling. Their whole summer spend was less than Jack Grealish alone.

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Even if so that doesn’t mean they didn’t spend money does it ?

Not sure why you’re focusing on Grealish tbh

No it doesn’t and it pains me to come to the defence of Mourinho but when Pep is hurting the ridicule remains the same.


He knows Klopp is the better manager and has done it spending a fraction of what he has at Man City.

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