Pelé | RIP

He’ll die eventually I gyeas

You turned Australian?

We all will.

I mean, at least all of you. I never died so I’ll know it’s possible till it happens, perhaps too late but still.

I wish

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I couldn’t bring myself to make the obvious joke thread title wise…

He’s had a wonderful life, contributed so much.

Hope he goes peacefully with family by his side.


King can rest now. Martinelli will take the mantle.

This will conspire to inspire or prove too much pressure for Brazil now.
I fear the latter.


God bless you Pele.

Changed football single-handedly. Greatest ever.


Time and place man

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Are you rooting for Brazil in this World Cup?

I remember the Brazilian team dedicated their world cup win to Ayrton Senna and seem to remember them waving a huge flag of him also saying they were inspired by his death to push on.
So maybe if the unfortunate inevitably happens they might have the same mentality.
When Maradona died the Napoli team went on to say his death pushed them to up their game.

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Indifferent tbh

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When you’re still seen as a hugely relevant figure 52 years after your greatest hour then you know you’ve left a legacy that will last many generations.

Probably the most famous football player of all time.

What a life he lived


Indeed, fuck Brazil.

(I think that’s what indifferent means)

I am the only one that thinks the title is a tad disrespectful ?


It is,why do that? Its in poor taste


Thank you to whoever just changed the thread title - we are Arsenal and we have to retain our class !?



Someone’s granddad, dad etc.

Poor show for me. Show some respect