Pablo Marí (Out on loan)

So they’re getting relegated then.

Considering they’re signing Mari I fear for them. :rofl:

Id rather we promote someone from the U12s than keep him…

Great, we will vouch for Fulham for 2 seasons and Monza for 1.

Next up Torreira making us vouch for Verona


This is Berlusconi’s new club, right?

I have to imagine he does enough to keep them from getting relegated, if for no other reason than out of pride.

And yet he might sign off on getting this guy.

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Arsenal to Monza lol

Just shows how shite this guy is


Go now, please and thank you :smiley:

So not even a penny coming our way, another pointless sale.

AMN will end up the same, another loan.

He was out starting CB for the first three games last season ffs :rofl:

*two games

He then got benched by a wing back that can’t defend…

First piece of in-game footage in All or Nothing and this cunt loses a header :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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aaawwww now i am sad :henry2:

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We all Monza fans this season then? :sweat_smile:


Monza sounds like a trendy online bank

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With him playing, Monza won’t be staying in Serie A


Still can’t sell this guy.

What the hell were Mikel & Edu thinking when they got this guy, and Cedric. You’d think they were bought just for their looks.

Having said that, Cedric is a decent backup so I have no problem with him now.

Let’s not put Cedric in the same basket as Pablo fucking Mari.