Pablo Marí (Out on loan)

I’m not sure if you’re examples are applicable to unknown quantities like Tavares. Names you mentioned are fairly known to the point where what their fans base says based on bitterness doesn’t mean anything.

An Arteta/Edu signing being loaned out after 1 season is essentially a kiss of death. Not sure what kind of top player you’re expecting down the line when we’re about to spend £30m+ on a proper proven player replacing him.

We don’t have as many invaders in here. Don’t want to gatekeep, but that’s preferable because a lot of them are trolls. They’re running out wild on Mania though.

Whether he turns out a top player or not isn’t the point.
He has the tools, up to him to utilize them. Do you think the club shouldn’t gamble on talented players on the cheap because some random fans told us he’s shit or he shags dogs?

he’s 22 and got decent physique though, his position on the pitch isn’t super complicated in comparison to many others, he can come good (as in ok) given some time if he keeps his game simple, stranger things have happened. just don’t start for us next season :sweat_smile: (I mean Tavares here to clarify).

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Let him go have a full season elsewhere. If he matures a bit maybe we can keep him or preferably just cash in.
If he flops, we’ll probably still take a minor loss because left back is a dry position.

@sevchenko and @Jesseviolin about to roast me.

About 50,000 Benfica fans said he was shit, how many players get hauled off at half time twice in one season because they don’t know how to play football?


Lol :laughing:

You met 50k Benfica fans or is this some poll business? :rofl:

Also, why didn’t you tell us he shags dogs?

Tools? What tools does he have outside the physical? Even then his physical profile isn’t particularly unique or special. There are tons of player built like him without the technique to play at a higher level

I do think the club should gamble on talented players but they have to be talented or show well in the first place.

I just think it’s interesting fans who watched him regularly called it accurately from the start, I guess our scouts or Edu had a different opinion


I know 50k Benfica fans

That was ridiculous. His crapiness was pretty evident

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What a man does in his personal life is his own business

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Yeah, he was pretty raw then. Tbf, if anything, that was down to Tierney struggling a lot last season until later on where he picked up a bit of form again and got fucked up as per.

Fucking invaded the Mari thread to talk about Tavares because of some shit someone(was it me that started the discussion?) said. Are you proud of this OA?

should create a thread for all shit (not so good) players or combine their threads so that we can talk all shit players in just one.


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Mavroponas had this distinction too. There’s enough comparisons between them that suggest he’s not making it here. No sleep being lost on him.

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