Pablo Marí (Out on loan)

Udinese are only 4 points from the relegation zone. Are they sure they know what they’re doing?

Bad deal from the start

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Well, I guess Edu saw him as a gamble who can at least work as a stop-gap and used him as such.
I am not sure about our overall outlay on this guy.

He just isn’t suited for England. Has ability and his game will be accommodated on the continent.
Levels ahead of Mavraponos garbage.


Mari was good at the time we got him. Filled in as backup well. Should have moved him in the summer though and integrate Saliba into the team.


Lots of potential blame to go around on this one.

In the end, we got Mari and Cedric that window largely because the club supposedly had no money to spend that winter and these were the kinds of signings we could make. In retrospect, we clearly would have been better off doing nothing.

KSE has subsequently loosened up the pursestrings significantly. I hope that continues and that, more generally, people at the club learn from this mistake. You need a sustainable model and can’t just spend like crazy all the time but if you’re going to put very strict limits on spending in a particular window you’re liable to end up with shit players if you try to buy anyway.

I agree with all bar the last bit. Saliba is better off getting 30-40 games at Marseille than being backup to Gabriel and White and getting maximum 10 games.

Next season I expect that will be more the case but his job is to then displace one of them, he’ll be much more ready for that battle after a strong season in Marseille.

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He wasn’t as bad as people make out and tbh neither is Cedric for that matter, both had their uses and both had their poor games as well.

Until the shockers at the start of this season, Mari looked like a capable backup for Gabriel. Never going to be a starter for a top club but decent enough to fill in when needed.

He got exposed early this season but I’m sure he could’ve bounced back had he been given any game time.

Good luck to him in Italy I guess, bet he hopes Lukaku doesn’t follow.

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Would love this

Please announce Mari, just to piss everyone off again. :rofl:


Would be harmful to Saliba’s development to bring him back as a sub/cup option.

Not sure what’s going to happen with OM’s transfer ban but he needs to stay there getting tons of mins at a high level

I think Arsenal have always been clear that Saliba is in the clubs long term plans. Looking hopeful for European football again next season, so can see Saliba replacing Mari or Holding and then competing for first team slot with Gabriel and White. The benefit with Saliba is also that he can play LCB and RCB so we will have some good flexible options at the back. It has been a very long time since we have had three very good CBs at Arsenal and don’t think it will harm his development.

What’s clear is that Saliba isn’t going to “compete” with White or Gabriel, kid has no chance of playing ahead of Arteta’s own signings as a starter especially after Arteta previously rated him a PL2 talent.

For a player of 21 years, you think being a starter and mainstay for OM in Ligue 1 is as beneficial for his development compared to being a sub/cup/depth option for Arsenal next season with limited mins and inconsistent opportunities?

Saliba and his camp will never willingly go for that.

Assuming we are in Europe, I don’t see why we couldn’t use him like Liverpool has used Konate this season. Big clubs in lots of competitions need three CBs to rotate between and there can be plenty of minutes for all of them. Then have Holding be the emergency 4th guy.

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The question is what’s best for a young player’s development?

Konate has played 1000 minutes so far this season for a top club in the best league in the world. I think that’s probably pretty good for his development.

Would Arteta do the same with Saliba? I really have no idea. But I think playing 1800-2000 minutes is totally fine and normal for a 21-year-old player and if you can do it in the top league surrounded by better players then its probably pretty good for your development.

The premier league is the “best” argument has been debunked plenty of times

Saliba is a big talent and I think the reason Arteta and Edu sent him out of loan was to get game time and minutes because we had too many CBs at the club. If we want him to be part of our plans going forward we need to reintegrate him into the first time at Arsenal. If we don’t see him as part of our plans going forward, we need to sell him. Sending him out on loan is not going to encourage him to sign a new contract when it comes round for renewal so need to decide what we do with the player.

Personally I really like the idea of Gabriel, White, Saliba and Holding as our CB choices next season. That’s a strong line up. If we get a decent back up GK and RB too, our defence is looking strong.


Not sure the Premier League is better than Ligue 1 argument has been debunked…

He’s our player and we have the right to bring him back. Players his age often are rotational players, nothing wrong with that. If he is good enough, he should get plenty of minutes at CB when White or Gabriel need a rest. We also may end up using either Saliba or White as our de facto backup RB when Tomiyasu needs a rest. I don’t really see what the problem is at this point.

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