Ozark (Spoilers)

Yeah agreed. I can’t even come up with a believable storyline for him to get an out. Didn’t really think it through. Defo dead.

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Crazy how Wendy went from “it would kill him” if they sent Ben to a private clinic to actually killing him.

Force the prick to take his meds ffs. Jesus.


When Wendy killed Ruth’s dad, why was it so shabbily done? Why did they leave the body in the middle of the road?

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I think it would have cheapened things a little if Wendy was able to just get Ben to take his meds. The writers really went to great lengths to show Ben was untrustworthy because of his mental illness.

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I really liked how Ben who was bipolar and mentally unstable was the only one who acted rationally to the families circumstances. Really illustrates how fucked up the world they are living in is.

I do love the actor that plays Ben, he was in another excellent TV show called Banshee where he put in a really strong performance too.


This show as good as it is, is also a bit out there in all honesty.

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He’s an excellent actor, the car scene was immense.

Thought he captured the unpredictable, helpless and yet sane nature of those with the disorder perfectly. Frustrating character but overall he enhanced the season IMO


Need to bring Marty to the forefront in season 4.

Too much Ben-chodh in season 3

Yeh I’d like to see more of him too next season. This was very much Wendy’s season and I think Ben was an important part of her arc.

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Just finished and it seems like season 3 lost alot of venom. Expanded story/characters highlighted how basic/simplistic the writing is.

Pacing was off throughout, the tone/mood was off throughout. Only shining light that saved this season was the acting talent of Bateman and Laura Linney.

Fourth season should be the last, they should have wrapped it up with Season 3 tbh, it would have been a great arc to conclude

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Ozark’s next season is the final season, 14 episodes.


Really strong season tbf. The Marty and Wendy dynamics were done well. Also I liked how the kids are now fully embedded into it as well, gives it that weird sort of full criminal family vibe.
Enjoyed Marty getting kept as prisoner to the point it changed him, he needed that.

Ben was awesome I thought, like Castiel so funny how he’s the only one seeing it for what it is lol.
Ruth is just awesome, my favourite Character by far.
I think Wendy’s character is too far fetched. I mean she went from a normal person to kingpin so quickly. You surely have to have some fucked up upbringing to be that ice cold, but she’s somehow naturally just developed the ability to be an absolute cunt lol.

That was doing my head in, I remember now.

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Ben captured bipolar disorder extremely well in the final few episodes but particularly episode 9. Was mesmerising acting. That car scene is up there with McConaughey in True Detective.

He was integral to a number of story arcs as well as being great value just as he was. Ruth has left the Byrds over him, Wendy has crossed a line she probably thought she wasn’t capable of and the impact on Jonah remains to be seen - poor kid has reached breaking point.

Really didn’t like Darlene before season 3 but now she is simply too badass to dislike. Rooting for her and the Langmores to survive / succeed.

There’s going to be a fair few deaths I imagine in the final season. I hope Marty lives through it though.

Fantastic show and can’t wait to see how it all ends.


Who was our again talking bollocks about how Ben was shit/pointless?

Our resident boomer :grin:


The big man @DavidHillier.

Watching Ben’s demise was like seeing a car crash in slow motion. Even though you knew how it was going to end, it was riveting. When Wendy left him at the restaurant :sob: