Other Teams' Kits

Kids kits are the best without this stuff on them. Tbh kids look ridiculous carrying any logo on them of these corporations.

I’m amazed that a company can design 3 kits for a premier league team, 2 of them existing solely to not clash with opponent kits, and can somehow make them all clash with an established premier league club’s home kit.

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Apparently they all don’t clash but they are doing it for colourblind people (must be a PL rule?)

Feels like the type of thing that should be sorted and approved prior to the league season starting lol

I personally don’t mind sponsor logos (never known any different) but not a fan of big graphics or images on shirts.

@Jesseviolin or @SRCJJ can correct me but I believe Serie A has rules about what a sponsor logo can look like now.

Oh, with that line I was referring to Newcastle having a kit colour clash with Brighton rather than sponsors.

I don’t know too much about kits but I do recall a couple of years ago a rule was brought in that sponsor logos had to be the same with all the kits without any colour variations and without any backgrounds.
I’m assuming this was done so fans weren’t buying multiple versions of shirts, but as Napoli have about 10 different shirts each season they probably circumvented the rules somehow.

Anything to keep the bucks rollin’ in.

Lyon and Palace vibes

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They never miss.


Looks ugly af imo haha


Its mediocre at best



Lovely. Was growing tired of seing their ugly ass logo everywhere.


After Everton go down this year you’ll see them even less. Just Villa left in the PL, right?

Thinks i saw it a couple of times in the midweek games. Marseilles and Real Sociedad.

Fucking ugly home kit. Away is fine, though I’d prefer the badge wasn’t blue.

They’ve literally done better training tops than that home kit ffs


Both disgusting

Hate collars on kits

Nike concept kits are the worst and England’s home shirt screams it.

These retro inspired kits are better

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