Other Teams' Kits

Looks like a training top.

If not for the stripes it would look simple and beautiful. And I’m not talking about Giroud.

Looks rather odd with those trousers

This is admirable.

And also, looks fucking horrible.


Absolute class those Venezia kits, all other clubs apart from Arsenal should take a damn good look at the tat they allow themselves to wear.

This kit is horrible. I’m going to up my carbon emissions right away.

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@Bavin just standing in the yard burning styrofoam.

Leather pants are a bold choice.


Any time I see a women wear them I’m like how are they even comfortable :joy:

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Guessing you’ve never played in a heavy metal band then :smile::metal:


That’s her jockstrap.

Not sure if real but this looks awesome.

Nine year old me would have loved that.

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Holograms peaked with Pokemon cards.

one wash and it will never be the same


Make that sound like a bad thing.

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A true connoisseur knows to hand wash only.

I quite like this. Better than their Saudi Arabia kit.

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That sponsor would ruin any kit

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