Other Teams' Kit Thread

That Barcelona kit looks like some non-league team have decided to have Barca’s colours for…er…reasons.
They used to have really classy kits.


Was it 03-04 with the center badge? Kit just screams Rivaldo. Love that shirt.

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Never going to happen

Already happening with Brentford and Hull. I think it will happen, the days of fans all wearing the latest home top are long gone now that there’s more kudos to wearing old replicas. More choice didn’t lead to more sales as fans become more selective as to which ones they will buy.

There comes a point when the economies of scale make the cost of designing and making 3 strips is making manufacturers think twice. According to someone I spoke to at the club when I visited a few weeks ago, first week sales of our new top were markedly down on last season. Now there’s probably a few reasons for slack sales (not least the cost when people are struggling at the moment) but if the trend continues then Adidas may have to rethink its strategy. It feels like Nike are only the first major to blink.


Nike has also been turning out some absolute garbage lately. Look at Liverpool’s new shirt. Look at the stuff they produced for Chelsea. It’s all pretty terrible.

Nike make many pieces of clothing, I can’t believe they’re incapable of throwing together a home kit design and manufacturing it and selling it at a premium when we’re talking about their most famous clubs. They reuse designs across clubs anyway.

If they wanted to release less then they could reuse third kits. They could reuse templates for home/away like we did a few times before. But they don’t, they release 2-3 new kits every year to make sure there’s something for everyone.

Going from 3 kits a year to reusing the best selling one for their top clubs that sell internationally, I really don’t see it.

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Facebook parents need these new kits for kids. Entitlement and privilege are needed. Being selfish here Nike.

I agree with this

My son is waiting for the black kit to come out. He wants to get that one first, he’ll end up getting the home as well but the fact there are 3 new kits to come out makes the home one release a little less special.
Go back to where they change every other season, then you know you have 1 kit, home or away, to look forward to each summer and the sales will go up on it.

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I think we had a couple that liked this but seeing it for real it looks worse. Doesn’t look very Barcelona and looks really budget and lazy like some kind of generic training top.

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It’s the solid blue horseshoe that goes from sleeve to sleeve across the neckline that makes it look like a training top. Not their best effort but they’ll still sell a shit load of them.

TBH Nike has been turning out total snoozers year after year after year. Their Atletico kits are awful, the Spurs kits are awful (but it’s Spurs), I did love that mint green Inter shirt (actually, most of the Inter kits are excellent). Some of their third kits are interesting but the home stuff is just (intense Pep voice) so so so bad, guys. So bad.

Leave it for the kids now mate. Your retro territory now. Comes to everyone.


Why does the stripe stop before the collar? It’s making my head hurt. As Eddie Munson would say “Chrissy I don’t like this.”

The hechter stripe is one of the only organic things about PSG these days and they managed to fuck that up.

0/5. I hope Qatar lose every match at the WC.

Worst kit of the summer. Horrific

It looks like they ran out of ink doing the stripe. It makes this weird effect on the neck and shoulders because of that vapor knit pattern. It’s diabolical. Nike are serving up turd after turd this summer.

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The only thing worst than the top was the video presentation, christ that gave me a headache.

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They are genuinely a weird club. They play maybe ten meaningful matches a season but other then that, they exist purely as a clothing brand.

Partick Thistle have produced a kit with their mascot Kingsley on :sweat_smile:


I need that.