Other Teams' Kit Thread

Howay the Sauds

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Ooof. I know I said I’d stop calling them Bonesaw FC but fuck them, fuck the KSA and fuck that bonesaw wielding head of state.

Hawaydi Arabia?


Atleast it isn’t photoshopped.

What’s with Juve and consistently ruining what should be a very straight-forward kit?


Jeep is the most Juventus thing about their shirts these days.

Their shirts have been consistently awful since moving to adidas.

Read a few years ago they targeted the American market. Black and white stripes are associated with umpires in american sports and footlocker staff and they went for these variations because of it.
People in marketing look at stuff different. The badge too was changed to do with the J seen as more relevant as a modern day logo/icon thing.

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J as in Jeep

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Yep they targeted America by signing Weston McKennie too. On top of what you mentioned - They wanted to target a younger audience and the American with the logo change but it’s ugly as shit

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Look very clean purely as a kit

Lol do you really believe that? If that’s true it’s as insulting and stupid as fans advocating for their club to sign an Asian player so they’ll “recoup the transfer fee in shirt sales”

Serie A barely registers here right now because it’s on Paramount Plus which nobody has. McKennie is also not even close to being that type of signing.