Other Teams' Kit Thread

Ok Boomer. :xhaka:


Its a scandal so it is. Bare ankles everywhere ffs.

In the summer. Invisible socks are as far as I’ll go

Mama mia. :laca2:

Stumbled across this earlier today, funnily enough. Cheaper and no ugly sponsor :ok_hand:

Edit: also doesn’t have the awful hyundai sponsor on the back of the shirt :gabriel:

I want one of these so badly. I know it’ll take 100 years to get to the States. Supply chain :woozy_face:

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Sham wont like you buying a rivals top Joshua :eyes:


When Rovers release a Vegan Power kit made entirely of shiitake mushrooms and soy I’ll buy that one to even things out.

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If you like the jersey you’ll love this new policy.

Also, fuck Bohs.

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They’ve gone with Netherlands 88 as no1

But this is my favourite


You have to have been expecting a like from Cristo there. Disappointing. Some absolute crackers in there and some awful monstrosities too.

The Germany one for me though from that list.

Always loved the Peru kit. So overlooked for me that one.

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She just got the like!!

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I dig that Nigeria 1994 away kit.

The 2018 home kit being 4th is funny, only thing about Nigeria in that tournament that I remember was how god damn terrible they were.

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The sheer chutzpah to not tag me in something kit related.

Couple of cracking international kits coming up.
Germany’s away colours are insane, I’m English, I’m buying it.

I’m not sure why Nike are doing separate kits for the Women’s and Men’s teams but I’ll be buying the Ladies’ one, assuming men’s sizes are available.

@Joshua if you thought Arsenal were shameless with their issues of kits, Napoli have taken it another level, something for you here maybe?


Ah, they got permission this time then.

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