Other Teams' Kit Thread

Yeah I was a MIGs man myself. Red star every time.

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Man the mig 29 and the fa18 hornet are two of my faves. Fuckin nerd :joy:

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Random bit of trivia: Sunderland were actually the first team in Europe to wear a Nike kit. The shirt rather unconventionally placed the crest and Nike badges on opposite sides of the shirt. Sunderland wore it between 1983 and 1986


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Nah, I don’t believe their 2022/23 kit is finalised and public knowledge yet.

Gets earlier every year

Since posting I do see in the bottom left it says “prediction > 90%”

Not entirely sure what it means, but to me that doesn’t suggest it’s confirmed.

Have any other clubs confirmed kits for next season yet?

Wait what?!

I’ve seen Tesco giving it the biggun today with their Christmas chocolate tubs making an appearance in the ever so holy month of September and now these wankers are releasing images of Barca’s 22/23 kit?

Pack it in.


Tbf I think a lot of that stuff is already mostly set. There were leaks last year about those godawful Puma third jerseys.

I do think there are “leaks” to gauge public opinion on minor details.

Crap as a kit. Works okay as leisure shirt.


Yeah way too busy as a football kit to be worn in competitive games


I like the colour combo and design but completely ruined by the chicken on a basketball. That has to be one of the worst club crests of all time. What were they thinking


spilt ribena on that shirt…looks stained and messy kinda fit for the bin where it belongs.

Doesn’t Galo (in Brazil) have a rooster on their crest too? Why does their crest look okay but the Spurs crest look meh?

It’s still better than the old Spur’s crest with the kind of sad potbelly rooster.

Look at the pain in his eyes. That’s how bad the kit is. Or perhaps that’s just pain at having to play for Spurs


Got my Ajax top but stupidly it has the champions league badge printed anyone know how to get this dumb patch removed with out damaging the shirt?

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Think it goes well with the shirt biz and the closest youll get to the CL for a while :rofl:

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