Other Teams Kit Thread


now those are the sorta designs that would be awesome for arsenal…imagine the same but red and white for our shirt…YES PLEASE!


Someone need to photoshop that together asap!


Would be cool if someone did do that for us to see what it could potentially look like, both ways also. The read outside going into red and vice versa


It’s an ok kit, Bartra makes it look good


I’ve never heard of a fourth kit before, plus it’s in exactly the same colours of their home kit :joy:


Fiorentina’s is my fave – like every season. Purple :fire:


What a beaut


I LOVE everything about that shirt. Even the sponsor has a nice logo haha


Check this out. The 5 worst and 5 best kits in the bundesliga for thus season. I think all ten are class tbh.


I hate the Hertha Berlin third kit. Not only the colour and style but that sponsor too.

The Stuttgart one is beautiful along with the Hamburg shirt!


looks like it’s being burnt in a fire




The Juventus kits are just a different kind of beauty ffs.


Cameroon :heart_eyes:


That is rather good.


That’s a cool shirt! Now imagine it being ruined by a fat oversized sponsor logo.


It’s clearly sponsored by Transformers.


Countries don’t have sponsors (yet) :wink:


Mexico’s new shirt

Not quite as good as their 1998 effort though :grinning:


Doh! :wink: