Other Teams Kit Thread


Hate to say it, but that looks really good


Yeah I quite like it too. Fergie won’t be a fan though – didn’t he make United change out of their grey strip at half time once? He said the players couldn’t see each other :speak_no_evil:


Standout worst kits I’ve seen so far are still Huddersfield home, Stoke away and Arsenal away


Have to say Madrid’s third is quite nice:

Getting really tired of Puma tbh. People hated on Nike but they were much better, IMO.


That’s probably the best adidas united kit so far. And adidas didn’t even design it. :grin:


That Chevrolet logo is absolutely hideous though


looks like an etch a sketch at the bottom


PUMA contract up in 2019 will we renew for more money or maybe go to Adidas?

Wouldn’t mind going to addidas as since they got rid of the sleeve stripes they look smart as fuck


That United kit is fucking vomit worthy lol


The fuck is the shit at the bottom of United top, looks like the kind of shit you’d see in fake shirts during the 90s.


A picture shirt, like something from the Wembley market ffs.


Saying it again. Just make the Chevy logo a classic black or white outlining. The gold one is hideous. Just like their cars tbf.


City’s away strip. Another away kit better than our mess!


Has our away kit even been released yet?


that away kit is lovely


What a kit by City


Bournemouth away


Nice one m88


in every kit launch they always have 3 players looking moody with a cringey tagline