Other Teams Kit Thread

Looks like it belongs in a colouring book.

Spuds new shirts

I’ve always wanted to see us bring back a version of this


looks worse then Chelseas new kits

Blue and green should never be seen :face_vomiting:


What is up with designers using patterns from common household rugs as the base for their kit designs?

Two of my favourite colours to wear so I can’t be convinced mate

There’s a huge market for them where people like Hector Bellerin buy in.

Leave Hector out of this, please

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Regularly wear blue jeans with green/khaki trainers, t shirts, hoodie, jumpers, jackets, coats. So a shirt like that would be just fine.

I don’t really think that green and blue/navy go badly together anyway, in terms of that kit or otherwise.

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You don’t think the green in the sneakers limits your shirt choice? Like you can’t introduce red into that ensemble. :gabriel:

I never, ever wear red.

Like, the few times a year I wear an Arsenal home shirt, that’s literally it.

With trainers I’m more talking a more khaki type green, I don’t have any vibrant green trainers or anything like that.

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Jeans is fair, I mean they aren’t true blue. But navy blue and green I could never. You’re a braver man than me!

@JakeyBoy is truly brave. Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need in these trying times.

It actually depends on the shade of green and blue.

I wear blue and green together occasionally but only very dark tones/shades.

looks like it’s only for aboucuellar, only for Culers apparently

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Looks like it’s straight out of 1996.

That’s beautiful. Shades of 2010. Messi and Villa smashing Man United in the final.

That kit always felt cheap to me. Don’t like this one either.