Other Teams Kit Thread


He’s an admitted liker of Love Island. Offend away. :ok_hand:


Haha, was a joke implying that I can deffo see Calum absolutely ripping the piss out somebody back in school for wearing fake shit based on that post but went all over your guys heads.

Was too vague I guess. Deffo if I had to explain it :sweat_smile:


haha I wouldn’t take the piss out of anyone. Just wouldn’t wear one myself


Maybe they don’t want to fund terrorism


It makes you wonder how much the kit actually costs to make and exactly how much profit is made on each kit.


Where did this meme that fake kits fund terrorism come from? Lol


I can’t remember who it was but it’s in my top 3 favourite OA things of all time.


Some guy from Falkirk back in 2012 on here haha.


Oh man I need a detailed summary from someone on this :arteta:

@Mysty ???


He wasn’t joking, he went on a multiple post rant about how people on OA were directly funding Islamic terrorism by paying these unscrupulous people to produce these counterfeit shirts.

T’was hilarious tbh.


I just can’t think of his username haha can you?


shadan1 or something similar?



Liverpool and Southampton wanna be unique but always end up being like each other :sunglasses:


Interesting that Adidas really lack a big time club in their portfolio beyond Man U. Hopefully they treat us better than Nike did.


Wish Umbro made our kits. You could be sure they’d be bringing back all those 80’s and 90’s classics.


Apparently Jordan is going to dress PSG in the Champions League. It’s going to be a black kit.


Imagine being a PSG fan right now.

Just complete dreams.

They literally must be having such a ball. They must be the team for glory hunters to follow right now


Lush m8.