Other Teams Kit Thread


Napoli’s is amazing. Just wow!


That Lete destroys it tho


Black and Gold is always a class colour combination for footy kits. :clap:

If it had a proper collar that kit would be a masterpiece.


Everton’s third seems familiar… :thinking::thinking:


Angry birds lol

Is that a nickname for the female gender in Scouseland ?


Lol! They have literally copied us! :xhaka:


Nike have given Chelsea a yellow and blue away kit :unamused: Not as nice as the one they did for us with the blue shorts, but still!


really? :laughing:


Understandable. Why make an effort to design kits worn by mouthbreathers and wankers.


They have us at 5th. :rofl:


Not even clicked the link but fuck me, there must be some awful kits in the league this year lol


The spuds one lel


This is how they describe ours

A fine effort from Puma here, with the red/pink band on the sleeve an intriguing addition.

Nearly spat out my drink




I really like the QPR kit this season, especially the home. They’ve got a 90’s feel to it with thin shoulder lines and collar. Its simple yet effective design and layout.


Too bad no one will be watcing them.


Listening to Danny Kelly on talkSPORT last week they were discussing the new Manchester United kit , Shirt , socks and shorts , squad name and number £165 . They compared it to a season ticket to Dortmund which was only £80 .
How can a full kit justify 160 odd quid .


I saw someone in a comments section talking about that and being like “this is an outrage I’ve got three or four kids and I’ve got to somehow afford this for all of them”

How about just don’t buy them all a full kit if you can’t afford it you stupid prick. In fact, even if you can afford it, don’t spend all that money every year and spoil your kids.


Plus all the petrol money to travel from Essex to watch them play .
Boycott the kits .


Can’t understand why anyone buys a kid anything other than a knock off. As long as it looks the same they’ll be happy out.