Other Clubs' Transfers

ASM carried Newcastle for like 2 seasons, madness his stock has fallen so much.

Tbf, it’s not that surprising he’s fallen out of favour there.

For all the flashiness and havoc he causes, don’t think the end product is there with him.
Eddie Howe has been getting more and more pragmatic with his approach at Newcastle. It’s clash of styles really.
That’s why he’s been a glorified sub option for months now.

Bit weird to see him go regardless as their attacking options aren’t great. There’s Gordon of course who will soon be joining them but I wonder if that’s really enough.

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He’s flashy but not that effective. Even when he supposedly ‘carried’ Newcastle (sorry cristo) he was netting 5 in 35 and 3 in 25.

Highlight reel player who can be a danger for any full back in the world on any given day but not regularly enough.

Someone like Everton should maybe take the gamble since he’s only 25 but it’d probably end up like Bolasie.


Yeah those stats don’t lie, I think I got caught up in the highlight reels on MOTD where he always looked like the only Newcastle player that was even slightly dangerous. Although you’re also forgetting his assists albeit they are still only in the single digits.

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Good lord, what a fall from grace. Bournemouth? :rofl:

Thing is stats can be manipulated to show whatever you want them to show

I would suggest a player who can pick up the ball in his own half, and take it at speed close to the opposition box is a very valuable player.
He moves his team forward whenever he gets the ball, thats a good quality to have.

Club agreement. Wow. Surely he rejects them?
Will look like a fucking idiot if he backs out of a move now though.

Transfer announcement tweets have peaked :joy::clap:



Are they getting Rooney

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How did Bayern end up paying only 8m for Sommer when he was being floated as a De Gea replacement for 30m just six month ago? It’s not like he’s playing poorly.

PL tax, mate. That and Bayern always gets their player cheaply.

His contract was ending this summer. Bayern fucked around a lot with the transfer trying not to pay for him since he would be a free agent soon but they ended having to give up to their demands.

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Aulas going on Twitter to say Gusto is staying till the summer.

That’s true. They somehow manage to undercut PL buyers and still walk away with the player.

Investigate Spurs.
Danjuna, Porro and Gordon? The flying fuck? I thought they had no money.

Gordon is shite.

Can’t believe he has clubs wanting him


He’s young, looks busy and is English. I think there’s always a market for a guy like that.

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Hardly a queue forming here though.

Well only Everton could parlay a guy like that into a midlevel sale. Total incompetence. IIRC Chelsea offered them 60m this summer.