Other Clubs' Transfers

Everton are gonna have to sell the antique china.

They’re now missing Musah and Reyna, lol.

Pulisic to Leeds in the summer actually makes a fair amount of sense.

I think Musah will have better options.

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Not a bad player but Leeds don’t need him. They are crying out for some defensive midfielder and defenders in general.

McKennie and Adams are two thirds of a fairly solid midfield for the United States. Despite what GGG preached, the real talent in the team was its solidity during qualifying.

McKennie is also very good in the air.

No problem with that but it’s not what Leeds need here.
They can’t absorb pressure and he won’t change that for them.

Chelsea after a centre-mid it seems

sure they only just signed that guy

Yeah in the summer window

Juve are actually gonna make quite the profit on him. :rofl:

Have to start cooking those books again sooner or later I suppose.


200m in profit :disguised_face:

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McKennie’s agent has played it real well. Escaped Schalke and got a move to Juve and is maneuvering his guy to the PL for that sweet Sky Sports money. Cannot knock the hustle. I’m sure he’ll get another move when Leeds go down.

ASM stock tanked under Howe

Would have taken ASM before the Trossard signing. No idea why Newcastle would get rid of him this window.

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He used to be their best player. Things change quickly in football.

he hasn’t been great for a while now, he reminds me of Adama Traore in that they both just don’t have the end product, it’s a shame because they could have both been quality players


Very exciting player and I agree with Trion, he was the best thing they had.

Amazed that he now doesnt play and that they would consider getting rid of him

ASM is definitely better than Adama. He can be a bit inconsistent but he is way more talented with the ball than Adama who is pretty horrific when he can’t sprint around guys or run onto balls.