Other Clubs' Transfers

Championship beckons for Everton, considering how they’ve been run over the years its been a quite a while in the making

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Milano got the short straw

Is that actually happening? Do Milan even have the money to get him.

Mourinho was right, he’ll end up staying.

That’s insane. That’s peak banter here. Lad said, fuck that. I’m out.

You cant make me send it!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Rest of the quote apparently “…until a bigger check comes in, in which case Fuck Everton”

As much as I hate to see Spurs get one over on any club, seeing any club get absolutely mugged like Everton appear to have been here is a joy to behold.

Absolutely insane stuff. They’re actually gonna sell their two biggest assets. :rofl:
That’s gonna go well with the fans.

Might as well relegate them now.

This Danjuma thing is high comedy.

What’s particularly bizarre is that he is basically a Richarlison clone - mainly plays on the left or as a striker shaded to the left, never on the right, might score some goals for you but not a great all around game - and Spurs already took Richarlison from Everton and are failing to get much out of him.

Selling to an English club is 40 million to everyone else it’s 10 million, that’s how it works

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I’ve watched him more for Bournemouth than Villarreal but I see Danjuma as a much better footballer than Richarlison.

I don’t really have an opinion but what they really need is a creative attacking player, especially one who can play on the right when Kulu is tired/injured or can play as a 10 if they are chasing a game. I have a hard time seeing where Danjuma fits unless they’re ready to take Son to the glue factory.

That’s where I’m seeing him. At this point, you can’t rely on Son.

He’s playing like a corpse now. Richarlison is shit, Gil is Bryan and Moura is finished.

Interesting to see how his stock has fallen since the summer when he was quoted at £60m.

Trossard signing makes it moot but I’d would have loved Gordon at Arsenal for around £30m. Would be a top depth signing off the bench we scope to improve

Not convinced by him but think Newcastle is a great move and challenge.

Hard to argue for a better move for him. He’s not getting a move to City, Liverpool are a mess, Chelsea are too busy negotiating a 12 year deal for Enzo Fernandez and Newcastle have been pretty shrewd in their recruitment.

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30m is a bargain and the guy has talent

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He’s perfect for Newcastle big, fast and presses really well.

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they should have sold him to Chelsea last summer for that 100 million