Other Clubs Transfers Thread

It’s going to be Dybala, isn’t it?


Raphinha or Antony?

I remember this was the debate Barca fans were having a few months ago.

Ten Hag’s big brain strategy for taking United back to the top is to spend 150m on two of his former players.


Frenkie would transform that midfield. Antony is great but I’d focus on getting Frenkie first.

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Barca is broke, Chelsea in disarray, Man United running around like a headless chicken…

Uhh yeah give it me :arteta2:

Zaniolo? So Spurs are after a RW

It’s not specifically a RW. Jesus, Zaniolo, Richarlison are fairly versatile.

They were linked with Paqueta today too. Paratici is really tough to predict. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t sign Spence after all.

Zaniolo makes more sense to me for them than Raphinha.

I think Zaniolo is a massive risk who wouldn’t come cheap but I’d be a little jealous if he goes there simply due to his talent. He is a fun player to watch when healthy and it would suck to have to root against him.

If I were a player that had struggled so badly to stay healthy early in my career, I wouldn’t be jumping at the first opportunity to go play in the PL.

I think it’s got flop written all over it. I don’t even think he’s as good as he was pre injuries and where his body has betrayed him multiple times I can see him struggling for consistency in England.


Those are my thoughts on him nowadays. Out of Lorenzo and him, I wouldn’t mind at all if he goes for a significant fee.
He’s like the Italian Havertz. Not sure what his position/role is. Does a whole lotta nothing on the pitch, he has those 2-3 moments a season that go viral but 90% he isn’t anything special.

Havertz is more similar to a player like Felix in a lot things . . Havertz not a wide player and he wouldn’t or hasn’t even been that good as a wide player . It is a bit nuts that Havertz was turning his season around before the Madrid game. His form was great. And then he mentally checked after those games . Havertz’ form has really tapered off after the Madrid games.

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Totally agree. Loved watching him play pre-injury.

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One might say he was, inZaniolo, which I think is the literal translation of ‘insane’ in Italian. Mad when you think about it.

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Maguire swap deal here we gooooo

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Koulibaly is an upgrade anyway. They’d so well to get €70m for him though, he has had a good season but I don’t see any PL club biting at that price

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[quote=“GC-Maniac, post:16691, topic:1440, full:true”] Paratici is really tough to predict. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t sign Spence after all.

Yeah a 29 year old wingback on a five year deal is much more of a Conte signing.


These guys linked with everyone, will end up with Sergi Canos.