Other Clubs Transfers Thread

Unless the structure of the club changes at United, he’s Donny van de beek part 2.

It’s fear of weak keys


John de Jong, what a name!




The wheels are falling off. They’ll lose Lewandowski and Gnabry this summer because they don’t want to give them big contracts.

Tolisso is leaving on a free which is a waste of talent injuries ruined what could have been a big talent.

The defence is suspect, they’re losing their best striker (possibly second only to Gerd Muller in Bayern’s history) so it’ll be interesting to see. I don’t see them being competitive in Europe for a while

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Dortmund step up. :joy: :rofl:


But they still have enough money to asset strip other Bundesliga teams. That 50 plus one rule doesn’t look so clever when it just entrenches dominance. If they paired it with a salary cap or luxury tax it may actually make the league more interesting.

Nobody stopping Dortmund spending Sancho money or Haaland cash. Thats on the project.

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Yeah of course but I think Bundesliga teams probably (definitely) look at the Sancho, Werner, Havertz fees and would almost certainly try to push their talent in the direction of the PL.

Not to say that Bayern won’t still nab players though

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Him leaving on a free is good enough already, but him going back to JUVE of all places on a free would just be :man_cook: :kiss:



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It’s about damn time, that league is dead

Auba back on the wing then!

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Origi instead of Jesus lol

I’ll take that


Not really worth that, is he?

I’d take him for that, he’s a proper livewire thats been playing with scrubs.

Could look a good player here but I’d rather be targeting Raphinha if Leeds go down

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